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Stroller Strides: Lindsey Myers

Lindsey Myers

Why did you join Stroller Strides (FIT4MOM)?

I was in desperate need of exercise. It was after having 2 children and I was in a low place health wise. Overweight and feeling really bad about myself. I knew I had to do something to feel better and be a better mom and joining a gym was something I tried after my first child and I never enjoyed it enough to keep going.

What is your favorite part of coming to Stroller Strides?

I love everything! These moms and babies are my family! Whether I just met you or we have known each other for a while. There is a sense of sacred ground when I enter a class. We are equal and yet so different in our own ways. I have never felt less then or superior to anyone. I have never felt judged or defeated and I gain something every time I take a class. I love that no matter how I feel before a class, I always feel better after. I never have to motivate myself and I always get a fantastic workout- the best 1 hour workout really. Stroller Strides and FIT4MOM have changed my life! I still have a long way to go in my weight loss and where I hope to be someday but Stroller Strides keeps me going and gives me hope and confidence to be the best I can be everyday. Also, when I see what my children have learned, I am so grateful. I know that they have retained so many life long habits and things that will help them throughout their whole lives. I am forever grateful and blessed by this group and can't imagine a time without it.

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