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Real Women. Real Results.

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Body Back is a results-based workout program for moms of any age. It offers high intensity, interval workouts along with before and after fitness assessments and support in a motivating, empowering environment. Whether you've just had a baby or had a baby twenty years ago, it will help you get your body back. To be empowered in the body you have right now. Most importantly, it will help you unlock your personal possibilities in an inspiring and powerful environment. You will see that anything is possible!

Body Back's Features include:
  • DIGITAL nutrition guidance and recipes
  • DIGITAL food journals
  • Online workout videos created by none other than Farel Hruska, FIT4MOM National Fitness Director! These videos will be continually refreshed and recorded each session.
Our new features are HUGE mamas! The digital format of our meal planning will keep the accountability close at hand 24/7. Farel and her team's workouts are empowering, breathtaking and challenging in person. Now you get the chance to get your sweat sess on with Farel!

Body Back will continue to provide our strong, empowering foundation of:
  • Two HIIT workouts per week
  • Small group training for maximum individual results
  • Private Facebook group
  • Homework Assignments
  • Accountability
  • Before/After physical and fitness assessments
  • Baby/kid free workouts, TWO HOURS a week to work on YOU
  • New friends and a new you!

Body Back Transformation

Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? Our specially-trained coaches will take you on a journey to reach your fullest potential. Our meal plans, accountability and assessments are proven by university-backed studies to shed fat, increase strength and endurance, tone muscle and improve energy. Whether you have 100 lbs to lose or 5, if you are new to working out, or training for your 10th IRONMAN, our coaches will help you meet your specific fitness goals in a supportive and inspiring environment with meal plans, food journals, weekly emails and tips, meditations, inspirations and support until you reach your goals.

Transformation Group receives:
  • Meal plans
  • Food journals
  • Weekly emails
  • Before and after fitness assessments
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Accountability in class and online in a private Facebook group
  • Unlimited emails to their coach

Back Back Mini Sessions. Boost Classes offered for November + December Mini Sessions

100% of the workout without the extras. First class is on US.

Body Back Intention

Guide you towards loving the body you have right now. Empower you to push your body + mind to the next level with love + passion.

Body Back Focus

Core. Core. Pelvic Floor. Hip Work. Core. Did we mention core? Retraining your postpartum body with cues + exercises.


Fit4Baby® is a program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. Many women are concerned with how to blend exercise and pregnancy. We take the guesswork out and, the little cherry on top, connect you with other pregnant mamas in your neighborhood!


Stroller Barre is a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises designed to help moms build strength and muscle tone and improve posture.


Stroller Strides is a total fitness programs that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.


Pull on your running shoes + meet us for Run Club! Whether you've been running for years or just starting, our group has a spot for you!


Connect with mamas in your neighborhood while enjoying play-based activities with your child!

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