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2015 Franchisee of the Year Nomination »

Submissions from our FIT4MOM members

Joanna [FIT4MOM Ballard & Shoreline owner] is so fabulous. She is welcoming and engaging, she stopped me on a walk to introduce herself and hand me a flyer for a free class. I had a nine month old and was totally overwhelmed about when to even start working out. I attended my first class a few weeks later and was instantly hooked.

The classes were intense yet manageable and I was able to modify them to my needs. The instructors were all so welcoming and encouraging. I was able to quickly plug into the community of moms in my area that I didn't even know existed.

I also signed up for her [Joanna's] Body Back class which has been a killer workout and I love the time set aside for baby-free workouts.

I love everything about the community Joanna has developed. I'm even referring friends in other states to seek out their chapters. Joanna and FIT4MOM have been a total lifeline and I am so grateful for her. She is always smiling and energetic, yet so real and authentic. Plus, her daughters are just adorable.


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Body Back: Love Stories »

Shery, Maile & Angela

What's your favorite part about Body Back?

I love that I get pushed more then I would push myself and that you are in an environment where you have friends that are pushing too. - Shery

I love Body Back because it gives me the opportunity to get out by myself without my underling and have an hour to just focus on me. - Maile

I love that I have time to myself, away from my husband, my role as a mother, and get back to myself. -Angela


Our Village: Shery »


When you [FIT4MOM] renamed it 'Our Village' I truly feel like it is Our Village I have meet so many friends here and that was a really big thing when I first moved here.

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Stroller Strides: Lindsey Myers »

Lindsey Myers

Why did you join Stroller Strides (FIT4MOM)?

I was in desperate need of exercise. It was after having 2 children and I was in a low place health wise. Overweight and feeling really bad about myself. I knew I had to do something to feel better and be a better mom and joining a gym was something I tried after my first child and I never enjoyed it enough to keep going.

What is your favorite part of coming to Stroller Strides?


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2014 Franchisee of the Year Nomination »

Submissions from our FIT4MOM members

Joanna and her team of instructors are amazing. They have built a franchise that welcomes all moms and gives them (us) a place to become better people. They plan tons of outings as part of the group and really has made a home for moms. It is a place that encourages and enables good habits and healthy choices without being judgmental about it. When I first moved to Washington, this group was my saving grace, providing me a place to connect with other moms and become more fit.

Joanna runs the most organized and fun classes I have ever been to. Stroller Strides has changed my life! She has hired instructors who represent fitness and fun in a way that I have never seen. I have always felt very welcome and have always had a fantastic workout and good time. I attend class 4-5 times per week and feel empowered each and everyday. Even during Joanna's maternity leave I still was able to communicate with her and know that she was caring and watching out for all of her mamas.

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